Thursday, September 21, 2006

What do I want from life?

Life has always been full of questions..This being my first blog, I thought I should try to find answers to some complex questions of my life! Firstly what do I want from my life?? Am I living for wealth or for happiness or for a good career or for fame?? Still I am searching for answers..

When I was in school I thought once I finish school then life is done...I will take up commerce in 10+2 and get into dad’s business. Life seemed so easy then. But after 10th my cousins insisted that I should take science instead of commerce and after 10 + 2 I can always get into BCOM and then get into business. Even I agreed to them. Unfortunately I scored 89% in my HSC board exams. Yes UNFORTUNAELY!!! My parents and sisters insisted that as I already have good percentage of marks why I don’t try engineering. Engineering!! Hello I was suppose to get into Business after my SSC. But then I didn’t have much choice either. Finally I was studing computer Science engi..But then four year of engineering were real fun, I would say the most happening time of my life! After four years of fun I was given a degree of ComPuTer EnGinEEr. I was finally happy that now I would get into business but again as usual my cousins who were already into IT wanted me to join this industry. I said what?? Me and job!! I can’t do a job. Come-on. I am born into a business family. I want to do Business. Again I fell into their trap and after 3 months of my graduation I was working with an IT MNC.

Now you must be thinking why did I mention all this? It has been three long years and I am still working! It reminds me of my questions to life. Why am I doing this??I always wanted to get into Business, then why I am here? What am I expecting from this life? Still many questions remain unanswered and my quest to find the answers continues…